Read the Newsletters You Love, Get Paid.

We’ve reworked Sendy into a new product we believe has less friction and more potential for growth.

In the new Sendy, you can signup to newsletters you love to read, and get paid for opening them! It’s also a great way to manage your newsletter subscriptions.

You only have to signup to Sendy once. From there on you add yourself to the newsletters you want to read without ever handing over your personal email or details. Once you earn enough points, you can cash out for giftcards from leading retailers like Amazon and Uber across the US.

As a marketer, Sendy addresses one of the biggest challenges in email marketing: growing your list with interested subscribers. Most newsletters never get off the ground as they’re unable to add enough subscribers to start getting any traction. With Sendy you can offer subscribers rewards points for signing up, and for every time they read your email newsletter. All you have to do is post your listing on Sendy, and then send emails to the email address. We’ll take care of the rest, sending newsletters to your new subscribers and managing unsubscribes.

With the growth we’ve seen with others in the space like Substack, its clear the email is evolving. The new version of Sendy really excites us and we’re excited to see how you use it.

Sign up today at and start getting paid!Sendy Rewards

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