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Sendy Update July 2019

Over the last couple months we’ve been rolling out Sendy across SmartrMail and Sendicate and getting wallets set up for subscribers.

While it’s been great to launch a new product, we’ve learnt a lot on how users perceive cryptocurrencies and how to build and communicate a radically new tool. At the same time, the addition of new team members has added a wealth of knowledge to the team and opened up new opportunities we wouldn’t have known to exist. Based on our learnings here’s what we’re working on for the rest of 2019.

Sendy on any Email Platform

While launching with a native integration on SmartrMail and Sendicate is key to reaching an initial user base and getting feedback to iterate on the product, Sendy can never be a success unless it can be used on any email app.

This quarter we’re releasing a new distribution tool so users can do just that. From within the Sendy wallet, users will be able to use their token balance to create a campaign that generates a snippet to add into the email tool of their choice.

The snippet will track email opens and also generate an image placed in the footer, that includes a link to setup a new or existing Sendy wallet along with the email and balance.

It’s an amazingly simple way for marketers to add Sendy to their campaigns in MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot or any email platform of their choice.

The Sendy Marketplace

Once the distribution function is out, the development team’s focus will shift to building the Sendy Email Marketplace. We’ve long heard from marketers that one of their biggest challenges is growing their email list. At the same time, subscribers are willing to join for offers or incentives, but they don’t want to be spammed or have their email given out to lists they didn’t explicitly sign up for. It’s a hard challenge to solve, but we think we’ve cracked it.

Later this year marketers will be able to list their email newsletter on Sendy’s marketplace or on their own website, and offer wallet users Sendy points in return for their email and ongoing engagement.

Users will be able to control who can email them, how often they can get emailed, and choose only to receive emails if points are attached to the campaign. It’s a revolutionary idea that will flip the script on spam, give more power to subscribers, and reward the best marketers. We can’t wait to build it.

Thanks for following our progress, we’re excited to keep improving on Sendy!

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