sendy launched

Sendy has Launched

Over the past year we’ve been working hard with our integrated ESPs to make Sendy a reality. We’re pleased to announce Sendy has officially launched native integrations on both SmartrMail and Sendicate!

Throughout the next month we’ll be rolling out Sendy to users on both platforms, who will send Sendy points with their newsletters, bringing on more subscribers to our wallet.

We’ll also be attaching tokens to our own newsletters to reward engaged subscribers!

Sign up here:

How can I earn Sendy points?

Simply open any email from us or our users within 24 hours of receiving it. If Sendy is attached to the email you’ll see a footer badge inviting you to create an account, or showing your earned balance.

Once 24 hours passes, Sendy points will be distributed across the subscribers who engaged with the campaigns. How many points you earn depends on how many points are attached to the email and how many subscribers open/click it.

How can I add Sendy to my newsletters?

If you’re using SmartrMail or Sendicate for your email newsletters, reach out to us on Telegram or through our support channels and we’ll create a Sendy wallet for you along with some bonus points to get started.

We’ll be releasing more videos and help articles over the next couple weeks so you can smoothly add Sendy to your marketing stack.

Not using an integrated email provider? Over the next couple months we’re releasing tools so you can use Sendy with the email provider of your choice. Stay tuned for updates on this?

What’s next for Sendy?

As mentioned above, we’re building tools so any marketer can attach Sendy points to their email regardless of the email provider they use. All you’ll need to do as a marketer is attach a small snippet of code to the bottom of your email to start a Sendy campaign.

We’re also building integrations so both marketers and subscribers can purchase more points in their wallets with their credit card or with Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens.

Finally, within the next quarter you’ll be able to redeem your Sendy points for popular gift cards from Amazon, Uber, Starbucks and more.

Thanks for following our progress, we’re excited to start getting Sendy points in your inbox!

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