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Twilio Makes a $2B Bet that Email isn’t Dead by Acquiring Sendgrid

This week, cloud communications platform Twilio made their largest acquisition yet, spending $2B in stock to acquire email API platform Sendgrid.

For a platform already boasting tools for almost every significant communication medium, including SMS, voice, Alexa, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger you’d think that their users would already be set for communication in the 21st century. But according to Twilio, the one thing their users always said was missing was —good ol’ email.

Last year Sendgrid processed over 45 billion emails every month, and over 50 per cent of the world’s email addresses received an email that was sent through SendGrid. With over 5.2B active email addresses worldwide, thats 2.6B emails that have interacted with Sendgrid’s API!

Now Twilio will bring Sendgrid’s massive user base and reach into a single platform that developers can build on and engage users across almost every medium. It’s an exciting development and something we’re thrilled about at Sendy.

Email isn’t dead — it’s alive and growing.

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