The Top 5 Personal Finance Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2020

Whether you’re looking to save money, pay off debt, or dipping your toes into investments for the first time, finding good personal finance advice online isn’t easy. 

When you eventually find a decent website or blog, the amount of information it contains can seem overwhelming. 

Thankfully, learning good personal finance habits doesn’t have to be a challenge. 

Personal finance newsletters let you slowly build your knowledge of how best to approach your personal financial situation with regular, convenient emails delivered straight to your inbox. 

And to help you get started, we’ve listed our picks for the top 5 newsletters you can sign up for free right now below. 

1) The Penny Hoarder Daily

penny hoarder

The Penny Hoarder Daily is a daily email newsletter that in addition to their best money tips, gives you access to a free financial bootcamp. 

Their regular emails are fairly long and are filled with practical information around budgeting, credit repair, saving, and investing. Links are also provided to their blog articles in case you want to learn more about any particular topic. 

What stands out about The Penny Hoarder Daily is how their advice is actionable for such a wide audience. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently struggling to make ends meet or are flush with cash and looking to make your investments work harder for you, just about everyone will gain valuable insights from this newsletter. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

2) Your Money by The New York Times

your money

Your Money is a free weekly email from The New York Times that takes a look at how current events may affect your personal finances. 

This makes it somewhat of a step up from The Penny Hoarder Daily in terms of the subject matter, but rest assured that there are still plenty of practical tips in the newsletters. 

The personal finance tips cover areas including adjusting spending habits, student loans, parenting, and investing. 

There is also a fair bit of the newsletter dedicated to how to invest your money to make it work harder for you. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

3) Money Moves

money moves

Money Moves is a weekly newsletter curated and written by Lifehacker’s Alicia Adamczyk. 

The newsletter covers a broad range of topics from credit card comparisons, maximizing investments, understanding tax brackets, affordable mental health care, establishing boundaries around money, and various popular budget plans such as the 50/30/20 budget. 

Signing up for this newsletter will gradually expose you to more complex topics as well as you become more well-versed in personal finances as well as investing.

Sign up for the newsletter here.

4) Jill on Money

jill on money

Jill on Money is the personal finance newsletter by Jill Schlesinger, a certified financial planner and author of “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money”. 

The email form of a podcast with the same name, Jill on Money places a particular emphasis on empowering you to take back control of your financial situation with practical advice on creating sustainable spending habits. 

There are also other insights into areas such as charitable giving and how broader changes in the economy can affect your personal finances. 

Sign up for the newsletter here

5) Daily Worth

daily worth

Daily Worth is a money newsletter that looks at how finances impact relationships, families, and other more personal areas of your daily life. 

In addition to tips on managing finances in single-income households, parenting, and dealing with money in relationships, the newsletter also places a particular focus on helping women achieve financial independence. 

If you’re looking for more practical money tips on navigating day-to-day life, then this newsletter is well worth signing up for. 

Sign up for the newsletter here

Finding other newsletters to subscribe to

This list of our picks for the top 5 personal finance newsletters is very much just a starting point. 

There are plenty of other great newsletters you can subscribe to that provide useful money tips and advice for improving your financial situation. 

There are also plenty of related financial newsletters covering related topics such as investing and the stock market if that’s more of your thing. 

One great place you can find these newsletters, along with others covering a wide variety of topics, is Sendy. 

In addition to easily finding and subscribing to high-quality email newsletters, Sendy rewards you for your attention when reading emails with Sendy Points which you can later redeem for gift cards from sites like Amazon. 

The simple act of opening and reading an email is valuable to email marketers and now you can finally be rewarded with Sendy Points. 

You can visit Sendy here

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