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The Top 5 Sports Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2020

There are few interests that are as universally shared and yet trigger such intense rivalries and passions as sports do. 

Whether it’s supporting your local sports team, playing a quick game of your favorite sport on the weekends, or supporting your countries on the world stage at events like the Olympics, sports fans can be found in every corner of the globe. 

This has led to an abundance of sports news available throughout the mainstream media and on blogs and websites across the internet to satisfy people’s craving for the latest news and sports stories. 

However, as you’re reading this article, it’s clear that you’re looking for some email newsletters to subscribe to for your fix of the latest in sports. 

Opting for email newsletters is a good choice too. It means you’ll be able to consume your favorite content at the time and place that suits you, whether it be on the train to work or as you’re relaxing in front of the TV. 

And to help you find the best sports newsletters to subscribe to, here are our picks for the top 5 you can subscribe to right now for free. 

1) Morning Blitz

morning blitz

Designed for sports fans who don’t have time to catch every game, Morning Blitz is a daily newsletter that aims to get you “everything you need to know across the sports world in 5 minutes or less”

The newsletter summarizes the latest sports news across all the major leagues as well as occasionally introducing readers to lesser followed sports. Links are also provided to other sources that let you read more on any particular story that interests you. 

Its broad range and casual, conversational nature make it the perfect choice to subscribe to if you’re just looking to stay on top of what’s happening in the sports world. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

2) The Underdog Newsletter

the underdog newsletter

As the name might suggest, The Underdog Newsletter is all about sending you inspiring underdog sports stories. 

The weekly newsletter was founded to “celebrate the longshots, rejects, and misfits beating the odds and overcoming adversity”. To do this, the newsletter provides a rundown of various news articles, video clips, and podcasts.

Whether you want some more positivity in your inbox, encouragement as you try to get better at your favorite sport, or just enjoy watching people make impossible shots, this is a newsletter definitely worth subscribing to. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

3) The Sports Scoop

the sports scoop

The Sports Scoop is a newsletter for the more sports betting orientated fan. 

The daily email summarizes all of the day’s betting info as well as previewing the day’s top upcoming events and recapping the top events from the previous day. 

The newsletter also throws in a bit of more general sports news and entertainment along the way for good measure. 

Whether you’re a serious sports punter or simply enjoy making the occasional bet, this is a newsletter worth checking out. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

4) The Grip

the grip

The Grip is the only newsletter on this list that’s dedicated to a particular sport: basketball. More specifically, the NBA.

If you’re not a fan of basketball or the NBA, then we can understand you giving this email newsletter a skip, but seeing as basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, we thought we’d include it. 

The bi-weekly email combines the latest news with stories from years gone by along with more general articles covering just about every aspect of the NBA and basketball. 

Few other newsletters dedicated to particular sports come close to matching the quality of The Grip, so if you’re even remotely interested in basketball, it’s worth subscribing to. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

5) SportTechie


Even the most casual of sports fans will know that technology plays a massive role in today’s sporting world, especially at the elite level. 

SportTechie explores this ever-expanding intersection of technology and sports with a weekly email that covers the latest innovations that aim to improve play performance, fans’ experience, or the sports industry as a whole. 

If you’re a sports fan with an interest in technology, then this is the perfect email newsletter for you. 

However, it’s also more than approachable and interesting for the average sports fan without needing to know anything about technology as well as for those simply with an interest in technology and not necessarily sports. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

Finding more newsletters to subscribe to

There are obviously many more sports newsletters that you can subscribe to out there. Especially ones dedicated to particular sports. 

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