The Top 10 Automotive Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2020

Whether you’re a car dealer, mechanic, or just a regular car enthusiast, chances are you want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the automotive world. 

So for the latest news on new models, car reviews, and just general auto industry news, you probably have a few automotive blogs and social media accounts that you follow. 

However, the thing with getting your news this way is that it requires you to visit these blogs or social accounts. 

Sure, you can just follow a bunch of your favorite blogs’ social media accounts and wait for their updates to appear in your newsfeed, but we all know how unreliable this is. 

After missing yet another major announcement because the update wasn’t deemed worthy enough to appear in your newsfeed, you decide there has to be a better way to get the latest auto news.

Thankfully subscribing to their email newsletters ensures that you don’t have to go hunting for the latest news, instead, it appears in your inbox. 

So to ensure you don’t miss out on what’s happening in the automotive world, here are the top 10 car newsletters we recommend subscribing to.

Hemmings Daily


Hemmings is one of the world’s best-known websites for classic car auctions. 

But it’s more than just sales and listings, they’re also known for their stories on the restoration of vintage cars that people have found abandoned, histories of different models, and tips for classic car enthusiasts. 

Chances are you already know about this website. 

What you might not know however is that they also have a free email newsletter.

Subscribing to it is a great way to get your dose of classic and vintage car stories while checking your emails. 

Sign up for the newsletter here. 


Flashing forward to the 21st century and is dedicated to bringing you the latest news on new car launches. 

The site covers everything from rumors of new models through to how they perform when they hit the road. 

News on future technologies like autonomous vehicles and regulatory changes are also covered in depth. 

And to make it easy to follow, they have an email newsletter you can subscribe to. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

MotorSport Magazine


If motorsports are more of your thing then MotorSport Magazine’s newsletter is one you should subscribe to right away. 

One of the most highly regarded journalistic sources on motorsport, MotorSport Magazine covers everything including F1, Formula E, NASCAR, Indycar, MotoGP, and even branches out into e-sports. 

If you’re a car racing enthusiast, then this newsletter is a no-brainer. 

Sign up for the newsletter here. 

Brabham Automotive


This newsletter covers everything about Brabham sports and racing cars. 

Interestingly, it also highlights the journey from building a car from scratch, racing it, and then trying to sell it. 

If you’re into Brabham cars, then this is definitely a newsletter to sign up for. 

Sign up for the newsletter here. 

Green Car Reports 

green car reports

As the name suggests, Green Car Reports is dedicated to the more environmentally conscious car enthusiast. 

Green Car Reports is the go-to place for the latest news on electric and hybrid cars, new technologies, and alternative fuel sources. There’s also plenty of practical tips on things like how to save on gas mileage. 

If you’re interested in any of this, then their daily newsletter is well worth signing up for.

The Detroit Bureau

detroit bureau

Describing themselves as the “voice of the automotive world”, The Detroit Bureau is dedicated to bringing you the latest industry news as it comes available. 

And it’s almost exclusively focused on news. 

You won’t find many buyer guides, car repair tips, or car reviews in their newsletter. 

The Weekly Driver

weekly driver

The Weekly Driver started off as a car blog back in 2003 and has grown massively ever since. 

Today it’s packed with podcasts, videos, and reviews in addition to their regular blog posts covering everything from car reviews to the latest news and information about museums and upcoming auto shows.

You can sign up for the newsletter here



Despite its name, Hooniverse’s appeal isn’t limited to hoons but has something for everyone interested in cars. 

There are reviews of both new and classic cars, industry round-ups, and even caption contests. Of course, there’s also a fair bit of the latest industry news. 

Regardless of what it is about cars that interests you, Hooniverse’s newsletter is worth signing up for.

You can sign up for the newsletter here

The Humble Mechanic

the humble mechanic

The mechanic behind The Humble Mechanic started off as a professional Volkswagen mechanic who wanted to help people with their own car repairs. 

Over the years people have definitely come to appreciate The Humble Mechanic’s advice whose audience has grown considerably. 

Today on the website you’ll find blog posts, videos, and even podcasts specializing in taking you through various car repairs and tune-ups. 

If you’re a car owner who enjoys the satisfaction of working on your own car, then you’ll get value out of The Humble Mechanic’s newsletter.

You can sign up for the newsletter here

Motor Trend


Last on the list, Motor Trend is a site that’s dedicated to car reviews. 

Whether it’s buying guides, car comparisons, reviews on test drives, or anything in between, you’ll find a plethora of information on various cars. 

There’s also news on concept cars and auto shows thrown in for good measure. 

You can sign up for the newsletter here

Signing up to car newsletters you love

There are obviously other great automotive newsletters out there as well, but these ten are a good starting point. 

In addition to these newsletters, you’re also able to find and subscribe to other email newsletters through Sendy. 

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