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The Top 10 Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2020

Marketers shouldn’t need to be reminded about how valuable email is in any company’s marketing strategy. 

But email is not only great for acquiring and converting customers. Email newsletters are also a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the marketing industry. 

While many marketers may follow certain influencers or companies on social media for their dose of marketing insights, many are increasingly turning to the humble email newsletter to stay informed. 

It’s just much easier to have the latest industry news be delivered straight to your inbox rather than having to go find it elsewhere.

And in a world where social media algorithms value sensationalism over substance when recommending content to us, the human curation aspect of newsletters is a refreshing change.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the marketing industry, we recommend you subscribe to these newsletters. 

1) Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive is a great all-rounder marketing newsletter that provides you with daily updates on a wide range of topics from the latest in MarTech to advertising creatives. 

The email is designed to be consumed in “less than 60 seconds” letting you read it while you’re waiting for your train or bus, or even between meetings. This makes it the perfect solution if you’re constantly short on time. 

Of course, Marketing Dive also links to plenty of in-depth articles if you want to take a deeper dive on any particular story of the day. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

2) Content Marketing Institute 

Content is the king of marketing and Content Marketing Institute’s newsletter is the king of content marketing newsletters. 

Having launched in the mid-2000s, Content Marketing Institute has been educating marketers the world over on content marketing best practices and latest insights. Today they boast over 200,000 email subscribers making them one of the largest newsletters on this list. 

With both a weekly and daily newsletter option, you can choose your dosage to stay on top of your content strategy. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

3) Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics crawls the internet looking at social posts and internet searches to identify trends that are on the verge of becoming mainstream.  

Topics that are about to explode are then packaged into an easy to digest weekly newsletter that’ll give you a head’s up on what’s about to take off. 

Whether it’s mobilizing your ad agency to spin up some new campaigns, creating content to target keywords while competition is low, or generating great engagement on social media, staying ahead of your competitors on the latest trends is invaluable.

Sign up for the newsletter here

4) Search Engine Land

search engine land logo

While this newsletter isn’t for every marketer, if your work even touches on either search engine optimization or search engine marketing, then Search Engine Land’s daily newsletter is worth subscribing to. 

One of the most authoritative sources in all things SEO and SEM, you’ll be getting in-depth insight into how the latest trends affect you and your broader marketing strategy. 

Sign up for the newsletter here

5) Social Media Examiner

social media examiner logo

If you help manage social media accounts instead of SEO or SEM then this newsletter will be more up your alley. 

Social Media Examiner’s newsletter provides you with their latest articles, podcasts, and general social media marketing news to help you generate leads, build your brand, and connect with customers. 

You’ll also be kept informed about all the latest changes to social platforms. Which knowing how often sites like Facebook roll out changes this is in and of itself reason enough to sign up. 

Sign up for the newsletter here.

6) Total Annarchy by Ann Handley

ann handley

So far all of the entries on this list have been company newsletters, however, this one is Ann Handley’s personal newsletter. 

In case you don’t know who Ann Handley is, she’s a best-selling author and pioneer of digital marketing. And being her personal newsletter, the content in it isn’t there to serve some commercial purpose.  

Instead, if you sign up for the newsletter every second Sunday you’ll receive Ann’s latest marketing ideas, thoughts on industry developments, and writing tips. 

While it might be as crammed with content as other newsletters on this list, it makes for enjoyable Sunday reading for anything interested in marketing. 

Sign up for the newsletter here

7) Neil Patel 

neil patel

Neil Patel is another digital marketing pioneer who’s also an author and has co-founded Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. 

Neil, who has been recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30, aims to help small and medium-sized businesses with their digital marketing efforts. 

He does this by breaking down and explaining concepts like longtail keyword research, localized SEO, and paid acquisition in plain English so that anyone can understand them. 

If you’re new to marketing, especially digital marketing, then Neil Patel’s daily newsletter will get you up to speed quickly. If you’re a seasoned marketer working for a small or medium-sized business, there’s still plenty of value to be gained from his updates.

Sign up for the newsletter here

8) Convince Convert

convince convert

Founded by Jay Baer, Convince Convert’s newsletter covers multiple aspects of digital marketing from acquiring people through inbound marketing to converting them through great experiences. 

By taking such a broad view of multiple marketing channels, the weekly update gives you insights into how your marketing efforts should coordinate together to achieve your ultimate goal of more paying customers. 

Sign up for the newsletter here. 

9) AdFreak


A (perhaps welcome) break from online marketing newsletters, AdFreak is a subbrand of one of the most well-known names in traditional advertising and marketing: AdWeek. 

AdFreak dedicates itself to bringing you the most out of the box campaigns in traditional media. 

Whether you simply enjoy and appreciate the creativity of ingenious campaigns or are in constant need of inspiration for your own marketing, this newsletter is very easy-to-digest. 

Sign up for the newsletter here

10) CopyBlogger


Copywriting is a foundation skill for just about every marketing channel. Email marketing, social media, content, search engine marketing, etc., all involve writing copy. 

One of the easiest ways to improve your copywriting skills is to subscriber to CopyBlogger’s newsletter. 

By doing so, you’ll receive insights and useful tips to writing better copy straight in your inbox. 

You’ll also receive access to some free ebooks if you really want to devote the time to hone your skills. 

Sign up for the newsletter here

Signing up to newsletters you love

These obviously aren’t the only great marketing newsletters out there, but they’re a good start if you’re looking for new ones to subscribe to.

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