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The Top 10 Best Tech Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2020

Finding quality, interesting, easy-to-read tech news is not easy. 

This is despite there being more tech news and content being published on a daily basis than ever before. 

While most people satisfy their craving to know what’s going on in the tech world through social media, algorithms serving up content on these sites all-too-often prioritize flash over substance. 

That’s why the humble email newsletter is seeing a resurgence. 

There are many great tech newsletters that you can sign up to that provide daily, weekly or monthly updates on what’s happening in the world of tech. 

The great thing about these newsletters is that because they’re curated by fellow tech enthusiasts, quality content is valued above all else. 

So if you’re looking for some tech newsletters to subscribe to, here are our top ten picks for 2020. 

1) Ten Things In Tech You Need To Know Today by Business Insider

business insider logo

Right off the bat is Business Insider’s daily newsletter summarizing the top ten tech news stories for the day. 

The easy-to-digest form of a listicle makes for the perfect way to stay up-to-date while you check your emails in the morning.

If you see a story that interests you, you can click through to Business Insider’s write up on it which dives into more detail. 

Sign up to the newsletter here.


tldr newsletter

Another easy-to-digest daily newsletter, TLDR summarizes all of the important tech news in concise “byte-sized” pieces which makes it perfect if you don’t have the time to read long winded articles. 

The newsletter covers a wide range of topics from startups to new tools and corporate news making it a great option for keeping on top of things without taking up too much time. 

Sign up to the newsletter here.

3) Fully Charged by Bloomberg

fully charged

Bloomberg’s Fully Charged newsletter is another broad take on the day’s biggest tech news stories. 

The newsletter usually starts by covering topical subjects in a conversational format before moving into a round-up of the biggest stories from Bloomberg. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay up-to-date with tech in general, then subscribing to this newsletter is an easy way to do so. 

Sign up to the newsletter here.

4) The Download

the download

Curated by MIT’s Technology Review team, The Download, is dedicated to bringing you the latest in real-world applications of emerging technology. 

You won’t find any productivity ‘hacks’ or updates on new ways to share memes with your friends in this newsletter. In fact, few if any of the updates it shares will likely affect you anytime soon. 

But if you want a peek into the future, this is the newsletter for you. 

All of the stories are linked to further reading either from academia or other news sources, letting you dive deep into any topic that interests you. 

Sign up to the newsletter here

5) Import A.I.

import ai

Speaking of emerging tech, there are few areas of technology that’ll transform the future as much as artificial intelligence. 

And if you want to keep up with the latest developments in AI, then we recommend subscribing to the Import A.I. newsletter. 

Curated by Jack Clark, the weekly newsletter explores the latest research, news, and general happenings in AI. 

Sign up to the newsletter here

6) The Exponential View

the exponential view logo

The Exponential View newsletter is, unsurprisingly, dedicated to exponential technologies. 

This makes it another great newsletter in addition to The Download for a glimpse into the future of tech. 

The weekly newsletter is curated by Azeem Azhar, a tech startup investor and member of the Harvard Business Review’s editorial board with articles from universities and news outlets on topics such as AI and cryptocurrency.

The Exponential View also provides a short synopsis in case you don’t have time to read the whole article. 

Sign up to the newsletter here.

7) Other Valleys

other valleys logo

When following tech news, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the Silicon Valley bubble and forget there’s a thriving tech industry that spans the globe. 

The weekly Other Valleys newsletter is dedicated to helping expand people’s periphery to what’s happening in tech in other parts of the world. 

Other Valleys has a particular focus on the tech scene in India and Asia more generally, but also includes a fair amount of tech news coming out of Africa. 

And it’s not only about expanding geographical boundaries either, but ensures women in tech are given the attention they deserve. 

Sign up to the newsletter here

8) Next Draft

nextdraft logo

Next Draft is a daily newsletter that explores tech and how it interacts with the wider world. 

Instead of news stories from inside the world of tech, this newsletter takes an outside view of how technology is shaping the world around us and how technology can help up view the world. 

Instead of business mergers and acquisition updates or what new features tech companies are unveiling, you’ll get super interesting stories and analysis on things like how people perceive historical figures. 

Sign up to the newsletter here.

9) Morning Cybersecurity by Politico 

politico logo

If keeping up to date with cybersecurity is your thing, then you can’t look past Politico’s Morning Cybersecurity newsletter. 

It’s heavily US focussed, but will keep you updated on how the federal government is thinking about issues like internet privacy, liberties, and cyberwarfare. 

Sign up to the newsletter here

10) Dense Discovery

dense discovery logo

Unlike some other newsletters on this list, Dense Discovery is not a niche newsletter, it’s instead a very broad weekly update that covers a wide range of subjects. 

By curating lists of cool sites, interesting articles, and even includes GIFs and Tweets of the week, this newsletter definitely takes a look at the lighter side of things. 

If you’re after an easy read and enjoyable way to stay-up-to-date, then this newsletter is worthing subscribing to. 

Sign up to the newsletter here

Signing up to newsletters you love

There are obviously plenty of other great tech newsletters out there, but these ten are a good starting point. 

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